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Is this the life you want to have? A life of loneliness by self-sabotage.

17 de outubro de 2019

Relationships are not easy. I know that, and I'm sure you do too. Marcos, our first character, is another one who knows. But still, why can some people stay married all their lives, and others, like Marcos, fail to engage in a lasting relationship? Would it be the strength of mind, or would it be conformism?
Marcos is a single man from São Paulo, Brazil. Very polite, he has no difficulty to meet new women. He lives successive relationships, but no woman can hold him for more than a year or so. He never married and maybe never will be married, because, over the months, he sees ordinary and boring things on every woman. In his eyes, there is no originality in these women. There are only stereotypes made and copied from the internet. Besides, he does not like that his freedom will be limited, and all these women, sooner or later, try to capture him.
The last woman he met was Ananda. She is stunning, vain, athletic, and has an excellent taste to dress up. She comes from a stable family and brings good examples from home. Would it be enough to hold Marcos' heart? Will she convince him that life as a couple is better than a single life?
Marcos has one opposite relative: his brother Ricardo. When I say the opposite, I really mean it! He lives on the other side of the world and lives a happy married life. He is on top of the world with his wife and the children he has. Yes, his life is turbulent - as all family life is, but he is entirely in love with his wife and does not wish, for a moment, a different experience. He sees the chaos of married life as the best way to achieve happiness.
Does your wife - Bia - think the same way?
Well, of course, she loves her family, but doesn't she want a different life every once in a while? If so, why does she not change her life? Is it respect for the family or fear of change?
In this book, narrated focusing on the thinking of these four characters, there is a shock of these opposites characters. Marcos and Ricardo present their ways of life, and you can read between the lines why they refuse to change. Whether you are a man or a woman, I am sure you have experienced similar dilemmas and will benefit from the thoughts of each of these characters. I bet you will put yourself in the shoes of Marcos, Ananda, Ricardo, and Bia.
In this book, there is also an invitation. The reader can, with me, think the best for each of these characters. Can you help me define what a happy ending is for each of them?
I will reformulate this question: is there really an end? Yes, because the book will end - of course, but what about the lives of our characters? It will continue to exist beyond the last sheet of the story. It is an invitation to you to help me think beyond my pages.
But first, read them, gather information, and only then conclude with me what kind of end the fate will bring for Marcos, Ananda, Ricardo, and Bia.